Havel Wagyu

In 2007 we came across this marvellous breed of cattle and were fascinated by the myths surrounding it: daily massages with sake, feeding them with beer, classical music playing and so on. We did some research and discovered there were hardly any fullblood wagyus in Germany. In 2008 we imported semen for the first time and used it to inseminate some crossbreeds (Fleckvieh x Charolais). The resulting F1 crossbreds are developing magnificently.

However our main objective is to promote fullblood breeding of Wagyu cattle in Germany. Therefore we contacted successful breeders in Australia and imported fullblood embryos from various breedings in 2o09. Some of these embryos have already been transplanted into our own cattle and the first Wagyu calves were born in May 2010. These calves are the base of the “Havel-Wagyu” breeding. We're aiming for a further expansion of the quality of the gene pool through selective breeding.

Even though our Wagyus don't get massages with sake they don't lack anything as

  • they only get fodder produced at our farm. In summer they are gazing on the lush pastures of the nature reserve “Untere Havel” and in winter they're fed hay, litter and grass silage. The only thing we need to buy are minerals.
  • our concentrate is mixed from crops grown at our farm.
  • in winter our cattle stands species-appropriately on litter and may use a spacious run area.
  • we deliberately refrain from using genetically modified fodder and fodder mixed with growth hormones or antibiotics.
  • the calves grow up naturally. They stay with the mother for 7 months and are slowly fattened afterwards to gain the exquisite quality of meat they're famous for by the age of 3.
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